Is the packaging of the toothbrushes biodegradable and recyclable?

Yes. The packaging is completely biodegradable. Our toothbrushes come wrapped in recyclable craft paper and a recycled cardboard box.

Are the bristles soft, medium or hard?

Our bamboo toothbrushes can be ordered in either soft, medium or firm bristle strength.

Are the nylon bristles biodegradable?

Normally Nylon is not biodegradable. The bristles on our toothbrushes are made with nylon4 (nylon4 is completely biodegradable) mixed with some nylon6, making it partially biodegradable. The bristles on our natural set are made with bamboo fibres or charcoal fibres and nylon6. There are no fully biodegradable plant based bristles on the market unfortunately. And if we used 100% nylon 4 it would mean that the brush would cost more than what 10 brushes cost at the moment. We're not willing to use animal hair which is the only 100% "natural" option on the market at this moment.. With your continued support of our FETE toothbrushes, we hope to have a completely biodegradable toothbrush and brush head soon.

Are the bristles held in with glue or staples?

There is no glue used in our toothbrushes, we attach the bristles using pressure into the toothbrush head. Because of the way they are attached, some of the bristles will fall out but it's a rare occurrence.

Do you put the used brush in the regular bin or can you recycle them?

The toothbrush can be recycled but the bristles need to be pulled out and thrown away in your general waste. Once the bristles have been pulled out, the handle can be put in the compost and will return back in to the soil within 6 months.

You can also reuse the handle for creative purposes.

What sort of paint and colouring is used on the toothbrushes?

Our toothbrushes are coloured with a natural resin paint, a kind of plant paint - this allows you to compost your toothbrush handle.

Where is the bamboo farmed and are you stealing the pandas food?

It's a plantation specifically for bamboo use in making toothbrushes. We purchase raw material from Anji - the hometown of bamboo in China. Our bamboo is Mao (Moso) Bamboo, it is one of the hundreds of bamboo species that panda bears don't consume - so production of our bamboo toothbrushes do not stop pandas from getting their breakfast.

Are the toothbrushes vegan?

Yes, they are 100% vegan.

How do i take care of my bamboo toothbrush?

We recommend that you wash your toothbrush with water after every use and ideally store it in one of bamboo stands. Storing your toothbrush in a cup allows water to build up which will eventually discolour the bottom of the bamboo toothbrush.

Can my FETE toothbrush be composted?

Yes, once you have taken the bristles out of the brush head and thrown them in your general waste bin, you can then compost your toothbrush.

How often should I change my toothbrush?

On average you should change your toothbrush once every 3-4 months. Over time the bristles become frayed and worn and may lose their effectiveness in cleaning your teeth.